Navigating the cost of healthcare, together

Helping employers increase engagement & lower costs

When healthcare doesn’t work, we all suffer. Emry ensures you and your employees get the most from your investments in your health plan. By proactively engaging your employees before treatment to prevent unnecessary costs, we lower the overall cost of care for your organization.

Empowering brokers & TPAs to do more for their clients

Emry provides brokers and TPAs with a unique market advantage and services that seamlessly integrate with your existing programs. Our CareCost guides navigate a suite of cost saving programs for the patient – maximizing investment and lowering spend. We make it easy for you to bring value to your clients and their employees.

Decades of Experience

Our deep industry knowledge and expertise allow us to provide health cost navigation support across the entire care continuum. We’re committed to fixing broken systems, sharing guidance and data to reduce costs, and reduce healthcare spend for employers and their employees by 30%.

Our health cost navigation services

CareCost Navigate

Reduce the overall cost of care by providing information and access to the best options.

CareCost Save

Leverage Emry’s industry expertise to ensure accuracy of claims, resolve errors, and reduce high cost medical bills.

A New Level of Employee Satisfaction

By alleviating unexpected healthcare financial burdens for employees, we not only contribute to their overall well-being but also foster loyalty, retention and stronger productivity. Plus, for every hour we dive into benefits, we save your employees three, all while prioritizing a 5-star experience that stands unparalleled. Happier, healthier, more productive employees, guaranteed!