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We’re experts in navigating the cost and complexity of healthcare – saving employees (and their employers) BIG on healthcare.
Learn how eligible employees can receive free or discounted hospital care.
Learn why billing accuracy is so important and how common errors drive up the cost of care and claims.
See how expert negotiators work to lower the cost of employee or member healthcare.
Our pharmacists and navigators are experts at lowering member & group Rx claims, including specialty through medication guidance and facilitation with APVs.
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We’re transforming the healthcare industry.

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Derek Fitteron

Derek Fitteron is President and Co-Founder of Emry Health, a member of the Goodroot community of companies, dedicated to healing the cost of healthcare for employers and their employees.

With over thirty years of senior management, private equity, management consulting and entrepreneurial experience, Derek is a healthcare industry veteran with expertise building and scaling commercial healthcare companies to maximize stakeholder value.

As President and Co-Founder, Derek is responsible for delivering healthcare cost saving services that help employers and employees better utilize their healthcare benefits to save money. Derek leads Emry’s innovative team of CareCost Guides to help employees navigate the entire health cost lifecycle; include proactively advising employees on how to avoid cost before treatment, correcting billing errors, and negotiating to lower bills after they are issued.

With the true passion of an entrepreneur to help make a difference, Derek has founded, launched and managed multiple successful organizations including Medical Cost Advocate, Eventerra Health and Trucktractortrailer.com.

Derek is committed to tackling the issues surrounding medical debt and ensuring healthcare is affordable and accessible for all.

Nick McLaughlin
Nick McLaughlin
Strategic Advisor

Nick McLaughlin brings invaluable expertise to Emry Health as a strategic Advisor, addressing the intricate challenges surrounding hospital medical debt. As the Founder of Breez Health, a groundbreaking technology company within the Goodroot community, Nick is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of patient-centric financial assistance programs nationwide.

Drawing from over a decade of experience in hospital billing and revenue cycle management, Nick set out to address the alarming lack of awareness about hospital financial assistance programs, and complexities that bog down the system. Nick recognized these systemic barriers as formidable obstacles to affordable healthcare access and embarked on a mission to dismantle these barriers, partnering with Emry Health to effect transformative change.

In collaboration with Emry Health, Nick is spearheading efforts to bridge the gap between employers and hospital debt relief solutions for their employees. Recognizing the pivotal role of employers in shaping healthcare benefits packages, Nick advocates for the integration of hospital financial assistance and hospital debt relief programs into these packages, fostering greater accessibility and utilization. By facilitating access to hospital financial assistance programs through employer benefits offerings, Nick aims to empower individuals to navigate the complexities of medical debt and minimize the financial burden of care.

Through his advisory role with Emry Health, Nick is at the forefront of a movement to revolutionize the perception and utilization of hospital financial assistance programs. By fostering awareness, dispelling misconceptions, and advocating for integration into employer benefits packages, Nick is paving the way for a future where affordable healthcare is within reach for all.

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