Lower High-Cost Medical Bills

Our technology lowers high-cost medical bills. We help users quickly determine eligibility and apply for hospital financial assistance (HFA) and can connect them with a navigator who can review bills for accuracy and negotiate lower out-of-pocket costs.

Cost Savings for Employees

Integrating BillAssist into your benefits can significantly lower your employees’ out-of-pocket hospital expenses and overall healthcare costs, preventing medical debt and the productivity-limiting stress that comes with it.

Cost Savings for You

When employers offer solutions that limit out-of-pocket expenses, this translates into a healthier workforce that is less likely to defer necessary care, ultimately reducing long-term healthcare expenditures.

Meet Fiduciary Obligations

Offering solutions that lower the cost of healthcare not only helps your company meet new fiduciary expectations, but it also enhances your reputation by demonstrating a commitment to employee well-being and healthcare affordability.

Hospital Bill? No Problem.

We seamlessly connect eligible members to hospital financial assistance programs, eliminating up to 100% of the bill for members who qualify.
  • Check eligibility in minutes!
  • Approved? Easily apply online
  • Get help whenever you need it
  • Confidential & HIPAA compliant process

Don’t qualify, or have a non-hospital bill?

Whether you’re dealing with in- or out-of-network bills, our expert negotiators advocate on your behalf, lowering your costs through negotiation and manageable payment plans.

  • Review of medical bills to uncover errors
  • Expert negotiation of out-of-pocket costs
  • Help with setting up extended payment plans
  • Practical advice for handling high-cost bills

Add an extra layer of protection against out-of-pocket costs.

With DebtProtect, If we can’t get a member’s bill down to zero through Financial Assistance or negotiation, we’ll pay remaining costs up to $1000. Add this solution to further reduce or completely eliminate out-of-pocket hospital costs.
*Guarantee amount customized to group needs
  • Check eligibility in minutes!
  • Approved? Easily apply online
  • Get help whenever you need it
  • Confidential & HIPAA compliant process

We help our clients and those they serve realize more value from healthcare.


record of success for over 20+ years in the industry​


success rate on negotiating out-of-network claims​


average savings on unadjusted & out-of-network claims​

What Types of Employers Should Integrate Hospital Financial Assistance Into their Benefits?

The escalating costs of healthcare have prompted a critical examination of the resources available to mitigate expenses for both employers and employees. Hospital Financial Assistance (HFA) programs, mandated for tax-exempt nonprofit hospitals, offer free or discounted care for urgent and medically necessary services to eligible individuals. These programs are designed to help both insured and uninsured patients maintain affordable access to care. However, current hospital processes for applying are often very challenging to decipher and navigate.
Learn how to leverage care navigation and financial assistance for crafting affordable benefits and eliminating medical debt burdens.

Boost Member Experience & Equity

In the competitive Medicare Advantage and ACA marketplaces, the role of quality ratings is becoming increasingly clear to health plans. These ratings play a critical role in influencing beneficiaries’ choices of plans. As CMS focuses more on customer experience and health equity, an integrated Hospital Financial Assistance solution becomes a strategic play.

Looking for a more robust solution?

Full-service healthcare guidance

Hospital financial assistance technology, bill review and negotiation, plus one-tap access to navigation services for lower-cost care, pharmacy discounts and human help whenever needed. 

Industry Impact

We’re transforming the healthcare industry.

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