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As fiduciary advisors, valued consultants, and strategic partners, you play an integral role in assisting employers with crafting and managing impactful benefit plans. Let us help you supercharge your offerings—and growth—with benefit solutions employers and their people love.

Types of Savings Generated by Healthcare Navigation

Deliver more value to your groups.

Emry supports TPAs by offering comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of employers and their employees. Through innovative technology and expert guidance, we streamline benefit administration processes, optimize cost efficiency, and enhance member satisfaction, ultimately helping TPAs deliver exceptional value to their clients.

Lower Client Healthcare Costs

Emry implements innovative cost-reduction strategies and optimizes benefit utilization, ultimately driving financial savings and enhancing client profitability.

Streamline Benefit Administration

Emry streamlines benefit administration for TPAs by integrating advanced technology and expert support, simplifying processes, reducing administrative burdens, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Provide Personalized Support

Dedicated guides offer personalized support to members, fostering satisfaction and engagement by addressing individual needs and ensuring seamless navigation of healthcare benefits and services.

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Did you know? Over 60% of Americans qualify for financial assistance at most hospitals, even households with income up to $120,000 or $150,000 per year.

Our Solutions


Full-service healthcare guidance
HFA technology, bill review and negotiation, plus one-tap access to navigation services for lower-cost care, pharmacy discounts and human help whenever needed. 


Lower high-cost medical bills
Our technology helps employees quickly determine eligibility for hospital financial assistance (HFA) and connects them with a navigator who can review bills for accuracy and negotiate lower out-of-pocket costs.
Industry Impact

We’re transforming the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Navigation: Maximizing the Value of Employee Benefits With Emry Health 

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Our Expertise

Navigating the Cost and Complexity of Healthcare

Member Engagement

Create a benefits experience members actually enjoy!
We’re experts in navigating the cost and complexity of healthcare – saving employees (and their employers) BIG on healthcare.
Learn how eligible employees can receive free or discounted hospital care.
Learn why billing accuracy is so important and how common errors drive up the cost of care and claims.
Whether members are dealing with in-network or out-of-network bills, our expert negotiators advocate on their behalf, typically saving 30% through provider settlements.
Our pharmacists and navigators are experts at lowering member & group Rx claims, including specialty through medication guidance and facilitation with APVs.

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