We make healthcare simple, convenient and affordable

Whether it’s finding a provider or lowering costs, benefit navigation reclaims employee time and productivity.

Less Stress on HR

Our 5-star, U.S.-based team of expert benefit navigators act as a single point of contact for all benefit-related questions, freeing up HR teams to focus on other work.

Cost Savings

Emry was purpose-built to eliminate wasteful spending by making it simple for employees to save. And, when employees save on healthcare, so do their employers!

Productivity Savings

Healthcare issues directly impact productivity. Our services reclaim time for your people—and business.


Services to Support Your Members

Benefit Navigation

We help employees optimize their benefit choices—proactively guiding them toward quality and affordable healthcare at every step.

Hospital Financial Assistance

We seamlessly connect eligible members to hospital financial assistance programs, eliminating up to 100% of the bill for members who qualify.

Bill Review

Given that 80% of medical bills contain errors, we meticulously verify bill accuracy, uncovering mistakes and resolving discrepancies.

Bill Negotiation

Whether members are dealing with in-network or out-of-network bills, our expert negotiators advocate on their behalf, typically saving 30% through provider settlements.

Medication Guidance

When facing high drug prices or non-covered medications, our pharmacists can direct members to effective, FDA-approved alternatives and other savings solutions.

Payment Plans

Our guides work with members' providers to establish manageable, affordable payment plans.

Looking to add more value? Provide employees with extra protection to help cover the cost of hospital bills.

Navigator Savings

Emry takes the guesswork out of finding top-quality care at an affordable cost

Are your members looking for imaging services that won’t break the bank? Our navigators can provide a list of locations and the out-of-pocket costs associated with each, making it simple for them to save.

We help members:

  • Understand, maximize and use benefits effectively
  • Find high-quality, low-cost providers
  • Lower prescription & medical costs

We’re big on engagement.

It’s what drives our shared success. That’s why we proactively engage members to gain maximum value from the little time they have to spend on their health.
  • In-app notifications, reminders & prompts
  • Email campaigns
  • Webinars

A layer of protection against out-of-pocket costs

With DebtProtect, if we can’t get a member’s bill down to zero through hospital financial assistance or negotiation, we’ll pay remaining costs up to a customized amount to further reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket hospital costs.

* Guarantee amount customized to group needs

5 Reasons Why Healthcare Navigation Matters

Industry Impact

We’re transforming the healthcare industry.

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Curious why Emry consistently earns 5-star reviews? Discover firsthand accounts from those who know us best—our valued users.

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