Healthcare Navigation: Maximizing the Value of Employee Benefits With Emry Health 


High healthcare costs, underutilization of available services, and a lack of awareness regarding health benefits.

Service Provided

Healthcare navigation for 90 employees with a goal to enhance benefit utilization, improve health outcomes, and create substantial cost savings.

Cases Managed: 148
Service Requests: 170
Activities Conducted: 921

Top Activities for Group
• Benefits Advisory
• Bill & EOB Explanation
• Bill Review & Resolution
• Pre-Authorization
• Provider Search


Average Savings Per Employee: $2,881
This substantial average saving per employee underscores the effectiveness of Emry’s services

Annual Utilization: 189% of the employee population
On average, each member on the employer plan engaged Emry twice within the year, indicating a high level of engagement. The breadth of cases managed, service requests fulfilled, and activities conducted reflects the comprehensive nature of Emry’s services.


Healthcare Navigation

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Survey Results: 100% of the population who completed the survey rated their experience as a 9 or 10.

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