Experience how simple healthcare can be.

Experience the simplicity of healthcare with Emry Health! Never deal with health insurance or medical bills again. Our high-touch, customized concierge services eliminate healthcare headaches, erasing stress, eliminating fear and reclaiming precious time for private clients and their families.

Meticulous, Healthcare Management

Our navigators, akin to CPAs in the financial realm, deliver meticulous, personalized healthcare administration and health insurance management.

Dedicated Healthcare Concierge

A single dedicated advocate, with years of experience, will handle all your healthcare needs.

Endless Personalization and Customization

We custom-build a program that ensures healthcare convenience and significant savings– in both time and money.

Expert Insurance Consultation

For clients, especially those transitioning from corporate to personal coverage, navigating the maze of health insurance can be daunting. Our licensed experts guide clients through the insurance marketplace and Medicare plans to secure coverage that matches their needs, lifestyles and expectations.
Assisting Clients Who:

High-Touch Healthcare Advocacy

Experience the peace of mind that comes from having a dedicated expert with 20+ years in health benefits and billing delivering meticulous, personalized management of your clients’ healthcare portfolio.
Assisting Clients Who:

How it Works

We build a custom program designed to meet the needs of your clients or executives and their families.

Emry’s Advisory Services offer comprehensive support to help you navigate the complexities of healthcare. Our experts evaluate and select health plans tailored to your needs, ensuring optimal plan effectiveness. We meticulously select and screen providers, conduct in-depth research on conditions and treatments, and provide personalized advice on elder care. Additionally, we assist with Medicare and supplemental plans, ensuring you have the right coverage and support for every stage of life.

  • Evaluate & select health plans
  • Ensure plan effectiveness
  • Select & screen providers
  • Research conditions & treatment
  • Advise on elder care
    Assist with Medicare & supplemental plans

Emry’s Cost-Saving Services are designed to help you manage and reduce your healthcare expenses effectively. Our team meticulously reviews bills and Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) for accuracy, ensuring you are only paying for what you owe. We evaluate all your medications to find potential savings and resolve issues with providers and insurers to streamline your care experience. By addressing medical and prescription coverage issues, securing pre-authorizations, and appealing denied claims, we advocate for your financial well-being. Additionally, we negotiate with providers to lower costs, ensuring you receive the best possible care at the most affordable price.

  • Review bills & EOBs for accuracy
  • Review all medications & find savings
  • Solve issues with providers & insurers
  • Address medical & Rx coverage issues
  • Secure pre-authorizations
  • Appeal denied claims
  • Negotiate with providers to lower costs

Emry’s Administrative Support Services offer comprehensive assistance to streamline your healthcare management. We handle appointment scheduling and meticulously track all healthcare spending, monitoring payments and timing to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Our proactive pharmacist-provider collaboration enhances your care, including thorough drug-interaction checks to safeguard your health. We manage HSA, HRA, and FSA account submissions, making sure your benefits are utilized effectively. Additionally, we provide detailed reporting for annual profiles, tax purposes, and more, giving you a clear overview of your healthcare activities and finances.

  • Schedule appointments
  • Track all healthcare spending/ monitor 
payments & timing
  • Proactive pharmacist-provider collaboration
  • Drug-interaction checks
  • Manage HSA, HRA, FSA account submissions
  • Provide reporting – annual profile, tax, etc.

Goodroot Merges Medical Cost Advocate into Benefit Navigation Company Emry Health

Healthcare Concierge for Executives

Executives have little time to understand and manage their health benefits–especially during the workday when providers and insurers are available. We ensure benefits are maximized, time/cost are reduced and value is realized.

We help executives:
  • Make optimal use of their health plan
  • Lower total benefits costs
  • Enhance satisfaction with benefits
  • Save money for themselves and the firm

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