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In the competitive Medicare Advantage and ACA marketplaces, the role of quality ratings is becoming increasingly clear to health plans. These ratings play a critical role in influencing beneficiaries’ choices of plans. As CMS focuses more on customer experience and health equity, integrated Hospital Financial Assistance becomes a strategic play.

Meet Your Members Where They're At

Medical debt is a major problem among ACA members and Medicare beneficiaries. In fact, 36% of Medicare beneficiaries have delayed or avoided care within the last year because of cost. And, ​37% of all insured adults can’t afford a $400 emergency. Your organization can change this by making it
easier for members to access and navigate hospital Financial Assistance (FA) Programs.

Enhance Plan Offerings

Clear the path to meaningful cost savings and medical debt reduction with solutions that make financial assistance easy for members to access, understand, and navigate.

Grow Membership & Improve Quality Ratings

Supporting your members by removing the financial distress that comes with burdensome medical debt improves member experience—and boosts star & quality ratings—nurturing member trust, retention and growth.

Reinforce Your Commitment to Health Equity

Deliberately addressing financial disparities reinforces your commitment to health equity and promotes an inclusive culture for all members.

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We seamlessly connect eligible members to hospital financial assistance programs, eliminating up to 100% of the bill for members who qualify.
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  • Confidential & HIPAA compliant process

Did you know? Over 60% of Americans qualify for financial assistance at most hospitals, even households with incomes up to $120,000 or $150,000 per year.


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Lower high-cost medical bills
Our technology helps employees quickly determine eligibility for hospital financial assistance (HFA) and connects them with a navigator who can review bills for accuracy and negotiate lower out-of-pocket costs.
Industry Impact

We’re transforming the healthcare industry.

Hospital Financial Assistance: Employee Cost Avoidance

After a hospital stay, an employee with a MEC plan and no hospital coverage received an unaffordable bill for $77,000. Using Emry's financial assistance technology, the employee qualified for and obtained hospital financial aid, which covered 100% of the bill. This intervention saved the employee from substantial medical debt, totaling $77,000 in savings....

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Create a benefits experience members actually enjoy!
We’re experts in navigating the cost and complexity of healthcare – saving employees (and their employers) BIG on healthcare.
Learn how eligible employees can receive free or discounted hospital care.
Learn why billing accuracy is so important and how common errors drive up the cost of care and claims.
Whether members are dealing with in-network or out-of-network bills, our expert negotiators advocate on their behalf, typically saving 30% through provider settlements.
Our pharmacists and navigators are experts at lowering member & group Rx claims, including specialty through medication guidance and facilitation with APVs.

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