Free or Discounted Hospital Care

Out-of-pocket hospital costs are often unaffordable, even with health insurance. While nonprofit hospitals are required to have financial assistance policies in place that offer free or discounted care to eligible patients, it can be a complex process for members to navigate.

What You Need to Know About Hospital Financial Assistance

While 60% of people—including those with commercial insurance—are likely eligible for hospital financial assistance, there’s a significant lack of awareness and many misconceptions about these programs. We’re here to break it down.
What It Is

In return for nonprofit and tax-exempt status, hospitals must offer “community benefits,” including free or discounted care to patients unable to pay.


You may be surprised to learn that many hospitals extend discounts to families of four making up to $180K a year!

How Employers Can Help

Hospitals often fall short in facilitating eligibility checks. Your organization can leverage user-friendly financial assistance technology that simplifies eligibility and application.

The current landscape — and why things need to change

According to KFF, employers spent about $17,393 for family coverage per employee in 2023—up 47.54% since 2013. Employers are spending millions to provide quality healthcare benefits. And yet, according to our recent survey results, employees are still struggling with medical debt.
say medical debt impacts their finances
Medical debt impacts the ability to cover daily living expenses like gas, rent and groceries.
have avoided seeking medical care due to cost

There is urgent need to prioritize affordability and ensure access to essential medical services.

are unaware of available hospital financial assistance
Many eligible patients are not aware of or have never applied for hospital financial assistance.

Our Solutions


Full-service healthcare guidance
HFA technology, bill review and negotiation, plus one-tap access to navigation services for lower-cost care, pharmacy discounts and human help whenever needed. 


Lower high-cost medical bills
Our technology helps employees quickly determine eligibility for hospital financial assistance (HFA) and connects them with a navigator who can review bills for accuracy and negotiate lower out-of-pocket costs.

We make hospital financial assistance simple.

We clear the path to meaningful cost savings and medical debt reduction with a HIPAA-compliant, self-serve tool that makes hospital financial assistance easy to access, understand, and navigate.

While 60% of people are likely eligible, our survey results point to a significant lack of awareness and misconceptions about these programs.

  1. “I had health insurance through my employer, so did not believe I would qualify”
  2. “I believed my income was too high”
  3. “Application requirements were too complex”
  4. I didn’t feel comfortable accepting charity or assistance”
No. Nonprofit hospitals are required by federal law to offer income-based financial assistance programs to their patients to justify their tax-exempt status. The transaction that happens when a member applies and is approved for financial assistance is a simple write-off in the hospital’s billing system. (i.e., a $2,000 bill is discounted down to $500 if the member qualifies for a 75% discount.)
Simply directing employees to hospital websites with hard-to-find applications is not effective. There is a major need for navigation assistance that utilizes technology to simplify and centralize the financial assistance application process. Emry Health leverages advanced software solutions that significantly streamlines the eligibility and application processes. These technologies reduce the time and complexity involved for employees, offering support and assistance at every step of the process.

Meet our Experts

Nick McLaughlin
Strategic Advisor, Hospital Financial Assistance

Nick McLaughlin brings invaluable expertise to Emry Health as a strategic Advisor, addressing the intricate challenges surrounding hospital medical debt. As the Founder of Breez Health, a groundbreaking hospital financial assistance technology company within the Goodroot community, Nick is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of patient-centric programs nationwide. In collaboration with Emry Health, Nick is spearheading efforts to bridge the gap between employers and hospital debt relief solutions for their employees.
Industry Impact

We’re transforming the healthcare industry.

Hospital Financial Assistance: Employee Cost Avoidance

After a hospital stay, an employee with a MEC plan and no hospital coverage received an unaffordable bill for $77,000. Using Emry's financial assistance technology, the employee qualified for and obtained hospital financial aid, which covered 100% of the bill. This intervention saved the employee from substantial medical debt, totaling $77,000 in savings....

How to Leverage a Hospital Financial Assistance Platform

How to Leverage a Hospital Financial Assistance Platform...

The Top Questions our CareCost Guides Get About Hospital Financial Assistance.

Managing out-of-pocket hospital costs can be a daunting task, even for those with health insurance. While...

Tap into our expertise:​

Derek Fitteron

Derek Fitteron is President and Co-Founder of Emry Health, a member of the Goodroot community of companies, dedicated to healing the cost of healthcare for employers and their employees.

With over thirty years of senior management, private equity, management consulting and entrepreneurial experience, Derek is a healthcare industry veteran with expertise building and scaling commercial healthcare companies to maximize stakeholder value.

As President and Co-Founder, Derek is responsible for delivering healthcare cost saving services that help employers and employees better utilize their healthcare benefits to save money. Derek leads Emry’s innovative team of CareCost Guides to help employees navigate the entire health cost lifecycle; include proactively advising employees on how to avoid cost before treatment, correcting billing errors, and negotiating to lower bills after they are issued.

With the true passion of an entrepreneur to help make a difference, Derek has founded, launched and managed multiple successful organizations including Medical Cost Advocate, Eventerra Health and Trucktractortrailer.com.

Derek is committed to tackling the issues surrounding medical debt and ensuring healthcare is affordable and accessible for all.

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