How to Leverage a Hospital Financial Assistance Platform

Navigating the financial assistance application process at hospitals can often feel overwhelming for patients. With each hospital having its own set of financial assistance policies and procedures, ranging from archaic paper applications to convoluted online instructions, the journey toward financial relief is anything but straightforward. This complexity is a significant barrier, deterring many who qualify for free or discounted care from even applying. 

Emry’s Financial Assistance Technology offers a beacon of simplicity in this confusing landscape. By allowing people to quickly check their eligibility based on their financial and family situation at their hospital, Emry has streamlined the application process and made it easier for more people to maintain affordable access to care. Recognizing the potential of hospital financial assistance programs to ease financial burdens, some employers are proactively integrating these programs into their benefits package. Keep reading to explore the transformative impact of incorporating direct access to hospital financial assistance into health benefits—a game-changer that significantly eases the financial stress of healthcare for employees without requiring the employer or health plan to carry the cost burden. 

With Emry, Checking Eligibility & Applying is Simple! 

Starting is easy. We just need your household income and family size. If you’re eligible and choose to apply, we’ll ask for a few more documents, like pay stubs, bank statements, and a picture of your insurance card (if you have one). 

The Income Threshold May Surprise You 

Eligibility varies as each hospital sets its own financial assistance policy and criteria. Generally, both insured and uninsured individuals under the hospital’s income criteria qualify. For instance, families of four earning up to $120,000, and sometimes up to $180,000, are eligible for at least a partial discount at most hospitals. 

Even With Insurance, You May Qualify 

58% of Americans—including those with commercial insurance—have household income that qualifies for hospital financial assistance at most hospitals. Having insurance does not mean one is adequately covered or ineligible for these programs. In fact, many people fall into the category of ‘underinsured’, where their insurance coverage leaves them with medical expenses they cannot afford to pay. This is especially true in cases of high deductibles or co-pays. It’s important to understand that hospital Financial Assistance Programs are designed to bridge this gap, offering vital support even to those with insurance coverage. 

If it’s Medically Necessary—It’s Likely Covered 

For those eligible, urgent and medically necessary care is typically covered under hospital financial assistance programs. Services that are not medically necessary, such as cosmetic procedures or fertility treatments and services that aren’t provided directly by the hospital (i.e., care from independent physicians or certain diagnostic services) aren’t covered under hospital financial assistance. We strongly encourage patients to apply for financial assistance prior to receiving care.  

Get a Decision in Minutes! 

Rather than trying to find difficult-to-understand financial assistance paperwork at a hospital (which could take hours!), Emry’s Financial Assistance technology simplifies the entire process. It enables employees to quickly check their eligibility in just seconds, and provides personalized human support to guide them through the application process whenever they need assistance. 

If Eligible, Employees Could Get 100% of Their Hospital Bill Covered 

Nonprofit hospitals are required by federal law to offer income-based financial assistance to eligible patients to justify their tax-exempt status. The transaction that happens when a member applies and is approved for financial assistance is a simple write-off in the hospital’s billing system. (i.e., a $5,000 bill is discounted down to $0 if the member qualifies for a 100% discount.)  

If an Employee Isn’t Eligible, We Can Still Help! 

If you’re not eligible for assistance, Emry healthcare navigators are here to help with bill negotiation. They review your bill for accuracy, identify any unjust charges, and negotiate with providers on your behalf, often securing reduced charges and manageable payment plans. 

In a healthcare environment where complexity and costs can deter individuals from seeking the care they need, integrated hospital financial assistance stands out as a transformative tool. It not only simplifies the application process for hospital financial assistance but also makes it simple for eligible employees to maintain affordable access to care. As employers increasingly recognize the value of incorporating these programs, we move closer to a future where financial barriers to healthcare are significantly reduced, and employees can enjoy greater peace of mind.  

Learn how to leverage care navigation and financial assistance for crafting affordable benefits and eliminating medical debt burdens.


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