Toolkit: What every employer needs to know about hospital financial assistance

2024 Goodroot survey results:

What we uncovered

We surveyed 2,000 American adults to gauge medical debt prevalence and level of awareness and experience concerning hospital financial assistance programs. We then isolated results to focus specifically on those with commercial, employer-sponsored coverage.


Average amount employers spent on health benefits for family coverage per employee in 2023—up 47.54% since 2013.


Of people currently have or have previously held medical debt.

$2,500 – $10,000

40% of survey respondents report having this amount of medical debt.


An additional 12% face debts over $10,000.

What is Hospital Financial Assistance?

In return for nonprofit and tax-exempt status, hospitals must offer “community benefits,” including free or discounted care to patients unable to pay.

While 60% of people—including those with commercial insurance—are likely eligible for hospital financial assistance, our survey results point to a significant lack of awareness and misconceptions about these programs.

“ I had health insurance through my employer, so did not believe I would qualify”

“I believed my income was too high”

“ Application requirements were too complex”

“ I didn’t feel comfortable accepting charity”

As an employer, your support is crucial.

Download our toolkit to learn how you can help.


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