Reduce complexity and increase the value of your employee health benefits

Navigate the cost of healthcare with our CareCostTM Services

Provide support and guidance with CareCostTM

CareCostTM encompasses the entire care journey, from proactive cost management to bill review and reduction.

CareCostTM Navigate

Empowering choices before treatment

Emry helps to advise on the best use of health benefits to increase savings and will review and explain medical bills, claims and EOBs. We work to resolve billing issues with carriers and providers, and assist in appealing denied claims. Emry also negotiates and integrates direct pricing options with MyPriceTM.

CareCostTM Save

Reducing cost after treatment

Ensuring the accuracy of medical bills and claims is essential to reducing the overall cost of care. Our team of payment integrity experts provide the expertise and oversight necessary to ensure payment and coding accuracy.

Our Focus on Member Engagement

Ongoing Awareness Campaign
Multi-channel engagement campaign (including digital materials, custom presentations and touchpoints)
Streamlined Access to CareCost Team
Employee portal, phone, mobile & wallet cards, website

Utilization Reporting & Improvement
Program utilization reporting (aggregated & de-identified)

Empower Your Employees with CareCostTM Services

Beyond premiums, the only way to reduce overall health costs is to address choices at the individual level. Emry saves employers money by saving for the member first. We do this with a high touch on call team of professionals with decades of experience navigating healthcare benefits and billing issues.

Reduce costs and increase value

Emry proactively engages employees pre and post treatment to affect the choices that drive cost across the entire care continuum. Optimize benefit use, navigate provider pricing and care options, make informed decisions, and resolve issues quickly. 

Direct-to-patient pricing

Access our network of direct-to-patient provider pricing for your regional care network and member needs.
Avoid and resolve medical debt

Emry’s team of CareCost Guides provide the best and most economical care path before treatment to avoid high costs. We help employees check eligibility for financial assistance programs, including specialty pharmacy, and have developed the negotiating power to lower debt on the back-end.

Save time and ensure compliance

Free-up Human Resources staff from navigating employee healthcare challenges and avoid oversights which may result in HIPAA compliance issues.


Healthcare Navigation: Maximizing the Value of Employee Benefits With Emry Health 

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We make it easy for employees to make smart choices

Engagement is essential to cost management and is often the hardest barrier to break through. Emry provides streamlined access to an experienced, personalized, and trusted CareCost navigation team – solely focused on helping them receive the highest quality of care at the lowest cost.