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According to the CDC, 9 million Americans aren’t taking their medications as prescribed due to cost. With so many medication options, high costs and complex insurance details, it’s easy for members to feel overwhelmed. Medication guidance simplifies these challenges, helping them make optimal decisions about their prescriptions.

Direct Cost Management Through Expert Medication Guidance

Medication guidance ensures that members understand their medications, know how to take them correctly, and are aware of potential side effects. It can also directly impact cost management in several ways:
Preventing Costly Medication Waste

By ensuring patients receive the right drugs in the right doses, these services minimize the risk of unused medications, which are often costly.

Reducing Costs Through Medication Adherence

Patients who clearly understand their medication regimens are more likely to follow them accurately, preventing costly complications and hospitalizations due to non-adherence.

Optimizing Medication Therapy

Guidance helps in selecting cost-effective alternatives, such as generics or therapeutic equivalents, which can offer the same benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Impact of Medication Waste

Effects on Insurance Companies and Payers

Improving medication adherence could save the healthcare system up to $290 billion annually, a significant portion of which is related to avoiding wasteful spending on medications.

Source: National Community Pharmacists Association

Reducing Hospitalizations

Poor medication adherence results in approximately 10% of hospitalizations in the U.S., costing the healthcare system between $100 billion to $289 billion annually.

Source: Annals of Internal Medicine
Medication Cost Barrier

9 million Americans aren’t taking their medications as prescribed due to cost.

Source: CDC

Meet our Experts

Emily Reonegro
Clinical Pharmacist

Emily Reonegro has always had a passion for medicine and advocacy. As a clinical pharmacist at Emry, she’s seen the true impact cost-saving, clinically identical alternatives have on payers—and patients. New drugs come to market every single day. Emily studies these drugs, their efficacy and their cost to help clients understand which to embrace and which require further clinical studies.

Our Solutions


Full-service healthcare guidance
HFA technology, bill review and negotiation, plus one-tap access to navigation services for lower-cost care, pharmacy discounts and human help whenever needed. 


Lower high-cost medical bills
Our technology helps employees quickly determine eligibility for hospital financial assistance (HFA) and connects them with a navigator who can review bills for accuracy and negotiate lower out-of-pocket costs.
For Private Clients & Executives

Emry Concierge

Our high-touch, customized patient advocacy services eliminate healthcare headaches for your clients or executives—erasing stress and reclaiming precious time.

Business leaders: Your busy executives need an advocate to help them navigate healthcare. We’ll make optimal use of their health plan, reduce total benefits costs, enhance satisfaction and save money for them and the firm.

Industry Impact

We’re transforming the healthcare industry.

Member Cost Avoidance: Rx Prior Authorization

A member required medication for managing their Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, and their physician prescribed Saxenda. Saxenda was not covered by the insurance plan due to its classification as a weight loss drug, resulting in a high monthly cost of $1,230, which the member could not afford.


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Tap into our expertise:

Derek Fitteron

Derek Fitteron is President and Co-Founder of Emry Health, a member of the Goodroot community of companies, dedicated to healing the cost of healthcare for employers and their employees.

With over thirty years of senior management, private equity, management consulting and entrepreneurial experience, Derek is a healthcare industry veteran with expertise building and scaling commercial healthcare companies to maximize stakeholder value.

As President and Co-Founder, Derek is responsible for delivering healthcare cost saving services that help employers and employees better utilize their healthcare benefits to save money. Derek leads Emry’s innovative team of CareCost Guides to help employees navigate the entire health cost lifecycle; include proactively advising employees on how to avoid cost before treatment, correcting billing errors, and negotiating to lower bills after they are issued.

With the true passion of an entrepreneur to help make a difference, Derek has founded, launched and managed multiple successful organizations including Medical Cost Advocate, Eventerra Health and Trucktractortrailer.com.

Derek is committed to tackling the issues surrounding medical debt and ensuring healthcare is affordable and accessible for all.

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