Case Studies


High-Cost Bill Review: Out-of-Network Hospital Admission ​

$33k Unauthorized Care Costs Eliminated for Employee

An employee of an Emry client experienced a mental health episode and was taken by ambulance to a local hospital emergency room. The member was later admitted to the hospital for services over 3 days. Emergency room was covered but hospital was out-of-network and billed $35,400 for services.

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Medical bill resolution drives $34k savings

An employee of an Emry client was facing a major health battle and was focused on getting healthy – not on whether their cancer specialist was in or out of network. Unfortunately, an out-of-network surgeon was used for their major cancer surgery and the resulting cost was $37,200.00.

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A New Level of Employee Satisfaction

By alleviating unexpected healthcare financial burdens for employees, we not only contribute to their overall well-being but also foster loyalty, retention and stronger productivity. Plus, for every hour we dive into benefits, we save your employees three, all while prioritizing a 5-star experience that stands unparalleled. Happier, healthier, more productive employees, guaranteed!