WENG Radio Spotlight: Emry health advisor discusses navigating healthcare costs

In this WENG radio interview, one of our health advisors breaks down the equation that makes care navigation so necessary in today’s benefits marketplace.


I think employers for a long time have known the value of caring for the people that serve their customers. And that’s why employee benefits plans exist in the first place.

But one of the challenges is that these health insurance plans have become so expensive. I believe the average family plan cost over $17 ,000 for coverage last year to the employer.

What’s really frustrating is that if somebody actually needs services within that plan year, not only is the employer paying $17 ,000, the employee is probably paying another $5 ,000 in premiums, but then they’re still getting stuck with a $2 ,000, $3 ,000, or $5,000 deductible and medical debt that they can’t afford.

And so that’s why it’s really really valuable to couple with the financial assistance policy, a financial assistance navigation platform that really can help facilitate these financial assistance programs at hospitals so that the folks that really struggle with care affordability the most can make sure that they’re not getting stuck with medical debt that they can’t afford.


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