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In 2019, 29% of employees had medical debt and 46% of employees were in default. The negative impact of this debt keeps individuals from saving for things such as retirement or the purchase of a home. Financial stress also lowers team member productivity, resulting in costs equivalent to 14% of business expenses.

Let’s help members understand and plan for the costs associated with their care and spend less time worrying.

Ensure employee bills are accurate and affordable

Emry helps employers drive savings by reducing employee health costs and advocating for accurate and appropriate billing.

Resolving issues with your bill​

  • Understanding your bill
  • Reviewing your bill for accuracy
  • Resolve billing issues and errors
  • Appeal denied coverage

​Reducing high-cost bills​

  • Negotiate my out-of-pocket bill
  • Obtain an extended payment plan
  • Advice on paying bills you cannot afford

CareCostTM services drive value across the entire care continuum

Engagement is the first step in helping your employees manage the cost of healthcare. Our CareCostTM Engage and Navigate services ensure critical support is provided not only before seeking care but after treatment as well.

CareCost Navigate

Reduce the overall cost of care by providing information and access to the best options.

5 Reasons Why Healthcare Navigation Matters

Pre-negotiated direct-to-patient treatment rates with providers that matter most to your member population.

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