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Our Focus on Member Engagement

Employer participation is critical for achieving successful engagement, and an active employer makes all the difference in cost savings. With this program, your employees will receive the awareness, information, and access necessary to navigate their options for quality and affordable care.

Employee utilization can reduce employer cost by 30%.

Engage helps drive utilization by offering:
Ongoing Awareness Campaign
Multi-channel engagement campaign (including digital materials, custom presentations and touchpoints)

Streamlined Access to CareCost Team
• Employee portal
• Phone
• Mobile & Wallet Cards
• Website

Utilization Reporting & Improvement
Program utilization reporting
(aggregated & de-identified)

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CareCost services drive value across the entire care continuum

Engagement is the first step in helping your employees manage the cost of healthcare. The second step is providing critical support before treatment, when it matters most to help members avoid unnecessary costs.

CareCost Navigate

Reduce the overall cost of care by providing information and access to the best options.

CareCost Save

Leverage Emry’s industry expertise to ensure accuracy of claims, resolve errors, and reduce high cost medical bills.

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