On-call guidance and support for the health choices that drive cost

Make the most of your benefits with CareCost Navigate

Emry drives value for employers by empowering employees to get the most out of their health insurance benefits. Our team proactively engages employees to ensure everyone is informed about the best care and cost options ultimately reducing the overall cost of care.
Value for all
From guidance on benefit usage treatment options, drug pricing and financial assistance programs, our services reduce costs across the board.
Keep debt at bay
Plan for and manage the cost of care with access to discounted and direct-to-patient rates customized to your member population.

On-call support
For non-emergency care outside of primary visits, we are here as a first point of contact, ensuring your members can make cost saving choices quickly.

Emry can help:

Understanding your benefits

  • Understanding benefit plan features
  • Using my benefits cost effectively
  • Check financial assistance eligibility

Selecting high-quality, low-cost treatment

  • Access discounted treatment rates
  • Select a high-value provider
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Negotiate out-of-network costs before care
  • Obtain lowest cost in-network care
  • Get pre-authorized for treatment

Reducing your prescription costs

  • Access prescription savings programs
  • Find available copay assistance
CareCost Navigate

Connecting patients with providers

From cumbersome platforms to lack of support, employees deserve more from their health benefit experience. We help make it easy and convenient for your employees to access, understand, and navigate their options.

What employees can expect

Before treatment, the Guide will provide coverage explanations, scheduling, prior authorizations, and financial assistance eligibility.

Our on-call Emry Guides will connect members with discounted direct-to-patient rates based on the requested treatment and service location.

After treatment, the Emry team will review EOBs and high cost bills. On behalf of the member, our Guides will provide appeal support, retrospective negotiation and payment plan options.

The result is overall reduction in the cost of care for the member and employer.

Give your employees access and affordability when it comes to the care they need most.

Between questions about deductibles, co-insurance, co-pays, out-of-pocket costs and uncertainty about the accuracy of their bills, members are confused and in-need of support.

Our CareCostTM guides are here to help members understand and navigate all aspects of their health benefits and avoid medical debt before it becomes an issue.

CareCostTM services drive value across the entire care continuum

Engagement is the first step in helping your employees manage the cost of healthcare. Our CareCost Navigate and Save services ensure critical support is provided not only before seeking care but after treatment as well. In addition, our team leverages multiple avenues for lowering costs, including utilizing our network of direct-to-provider cash rates.

CareCost Save

Leverage Emry’s industry expertise to ensure accuracy of claims, resolve errors, and reduce high cost medical bills.

5 Reasons Why Healthcare Navigation Matters

Pre-negotiated direct-to-patient treatment rates with providers that matter most to your member population.

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